Wednesday, 19 November 2014

Cie Malabar - Light The Night Leicester

French street theater group Cie Malabar perform on the streets of Leicester starting outside BBC Radio Leicester in Jubilee Square and making their way through the city streets to Curve and Orton square as part of Light The Night an annual cultural event that runs alongside the switching on of the city`s Christmas lights.
A host of tall fantastical white and silver beings bounced and spun their way through the streets of Leicester from the city's newly opened Jubilee Square down high street and on to the cultural quarter and Orton Square where outside Curve and the Athena they performed various acrobatic feats, The performance concluded with a pyrotechnic display and a round of applause from the assembled crowd.
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Tuesday, 18 November 2014

Leicester Christmas Lights & Winter Food Festival 2014

Highlights of the events around Leicester City Center before and including the switching on of the City's Christmas Lights.
The Center of Leicester was packed with people of all ages as presenters from BBC Radio Leicester compared a live stage show of performances from a host of local performers meanwhile in the Marketplace the annual winter food festival was taking place with food from all round the world and Skiband who preformed Ska versions of well known Christmas songs.
The action then switched back to the stage where BBC Leicester`s Jim Davis and Jo Hayward lead LCFC mascot Filbert the Fox, Santa Clause and others in a countdown the switch on of the lights, the lights illumination was accompanied by a flurry of paper snow and Christmas music to really get the festive season off to a spectacular start in the city.
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Monday, 3 November 2014

Menphys Children For Children Carol Concert Poster 2014

Poster design for 2014`s Children For Children concert for Leicester charity menphys at the city's demontfort hall.
The poster uses a flat vintage style with shadows to give some depth giving the piece a cut-out style effect the typeface chosen reflects this whilst still being easy to read.
Menphys Carol Concert event further information

Thursday, 11 September 2014

Pirates & Pricesses Event Poster Design

My brief for a poster design for the Great Central Railway`s Pirates and Princesses event involved combining the contrasting colours and elements traditionally related to Pirates and Princesses in one poster design.
Each theme takes up one side of the poster with reds and oranges on the pirates side contrasting with pinks of the princesses side the two contrasting sides are tied together with a seascape across the bottom of the poster which also features two children dressed as a pirate and a princess.

Tuesday, 9 September 2014

The Victory Show 2014

The Victory Show at Foxlands Farm Cosby, Leicestershire now in its 9th year, is the largest WWII experience extravaganza in the UK. Running over 3 days at the start of September the event features WWII military vehicles, a set piece battle, living history displays, an air show and much more. My short film aims to capture the atmosphere of the 2014 event and the set piece battle. French living history displays German and American vehicles feature in a tour of the event before the tanks roll on to the battlefield for action from the set piece battle, with the battle fought and won its time for celebration as we see a solider and his lady perform an impromptu dance to the music of the era.