Monday, 29 June 2015

Sci-Fi Weekend - Poster Design GCR

A poster designed by me for The Great Central Railway`s Sci-Fi weekend in September 2015.
My brief was to design a poster that had 60`s science fiction influences echoing the era that saw the launch of British Sci-Fi shows like Doctor Who etc,
The typeface was chosen for its futuristic style and the color scheme of reds and oranges reminiscent of the planet Mars (a favorite location of many a sci-fi writer).
The background features a long exposure rotating star trail above a mountain range and three UFO`s with the lead craft beaming down its otherworldly inhabitants (named Kay-tee & Ju-Ells) to the planets surface to visit the event.  

Monday, 22 June 2015

Indian Summer Festival Launch - Jubilee Sq Leicester

Now in its fith year the Indian Summer Festival is a 10 day festival bringing South Asian sights,sounds,arts and culture to the streets and venues of Leicester.
The festival kicked off in style outside BBC Radio Leicester in Jubilee Square with a public launch featuring live music and performances from
The D-E-A (Dhol Enforcement Agency)
Laughter Yoga
Enter Edem
and more
BBC Radio Leicester's Rupal Rajani was live on air from the event interviewing the various performers and was later joined by other Presenters and Staff from the station plus Captain pop and a large blue monster for a Bangra dance performance bringing the launch to a fun and energetic finale.
My film aims to capture some of the atmosphere of the event and give a flavor of what this exiting festival has to offer.

Further info on the festival can be found at
images follow

Tuesday, 9 June 2015

Leicester Riverside Festival 2015

Leicester Riverside Festival took place June 6th & 7th 2015 and featured lots of things to see and do including a demonstration of water rescue procedures from Leicestershire fire brigade, traditional canal crafts and lots of local performers on the main stage in Bede Park.
The event took place along Western Boulevard known locally as the mile straight and into castle gardens where people could have a go at stone balancing and traditional dancing.
The festival has grown in size since its inception and with Leicester having a culturally diverse population now offers those attending a unrivaled range of food and crafts from all round the world to sample from Gourmet Burgers served from a barge through to Thai, Caribbean and Asian cuisine and crafts.
My short film aims to capture some of the many things on offer and the atmosphere of Sunday at the festival.
images follow

Tuesday, 2 June 2015

GCR - Commercial Vehicle Weekend Poster

Designed for The Great Central Railway this years Commercial Vehicle Weekend poster design called for an update to last years design retaining the previous posters vintage art deco inspired style whilst adding additional vehicles and a new event logo to match the logo seen on the preview flyer created earlier in the season.

Saturday, 23 May 2015

Try Railway Ale vintage style advert

As part of the promotion for the Great Central Railway`s real ale Raleway Ale brewed by Nottingham Brewery I created this vintage style poster advertising the Ale to be displayed at events such as the ale train and wherever Nottingham Brewery ales are sold.
The design takes its inspiration from the vintage drink posters as seen on display along the length of the railway and often framed in heritage pubs.