Monday, 30 March 2015

Leicester Glows - Reinterment of King Richard III

On Friday 27th March a week of events marking the reinterment of king Richard III concluded with a spectacular firework display from the roof of Leicester Cathedral and Leicester Glows a fire garden featuring over 8.000 flames placed around the city's old town.
The evening began with a spectacular firework display from the roof of the cathedral with bright colors and fiery serpents snaking into the sky delighting the gathered crowd in the cathedral gardens many joked that after having just getting settled King Richard might be awoken by the noise.
The mood changed to one of quiet wonder as the crowds dispersed into the fire garden in front of the cathedral and surrounding streets where over 8.000 flames flickered and bathed the area in candlelight.
Meanwhile in the courtyard of the RIII visitor center the outline of Richards crown was created by spark arts using night light candles.
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Monday, 23 March 2015

The Reinterment of Richard III - Leicester

On the 22nd March The university of Leicester transferred the mortal remains of King Richard III to the city's Cathedral where they will be reburied. The Kings remains left the University before visiting several villages in Leicestershire and the battlefield in Bosworth where he fell they then returned to the city via the Bow Bridge which Richard crossed both on his way into battle and once again when he returned defeated by Henry Tudor. The coffin was transferred to a horse drawn carriage at St Nicholas Church the City's oldest before traveling around the city ending at the Cathedral where a evening service of compline was held watched by hundreds as the sun set on big screens at various locations around the city concluding the first day of a historic week for the city of Leicester. My video aims to give a feeling of the atmosphere of the historic day showing the crowds gathering before the coffin passes by Jubilee Square, being taken into the cathedral and ending with a view of the crowds gathered by the big screen outside BBC Radio Leicester.
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Saturday, 21 March 2015

Eclipse 2015 - Leicester

On the 20th March 2015 a partial solar eclipse was visible across the UK my video features 115 sequential still images taken between 8:12am and 10:50am and shows the celestial ballet of the moon crossing the sun momentarily blocking out its light before moving away and bringing back sunlight and warmth to the earth below.

Tuesday, 3 March 2015

Make March Menphys Month Campaign

 A logo designed for a multimedia campaign by Leicester charity Menphys to raise the charity`s profile encompassing social media and other outlets the logo design features a 'Circled date' and a call to action 'let`s make march menphys month' and the hashtag #MenphysMonth for use on social media.

Sunday, 22 February 2015

Demolition of Leicester Council Offices

On 22nd February 2015 Leicester City Council`s old Offices known as New Walk Centre where destroyed in a controlled explosion.
Hundreds gathered in the surrounding streets to see the towers fall into their own footprint with anticipation rising as the countdown began a series of loud bangs where heard before the towers fell in seconds leaving a large dust cloud and otherworldly scenes on the surrounding streets which where now coated with a fine layer of dust from the fallen building.
My video filmed on Pocklingtons walk features the countdown demolition and dust covered streets afterwards.
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